Super Feeder Late Model Housing Complete,Large Chute Cover,lid

Super Feed
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NEW housing for Cat or Koi Pond Super Feeder complete with new larger chute cover made out of tougher polycarbonate material and all internal and external parts, lid included but EXCLUDING the bottom (floor) of the feeder which holds the electronics and drive gear. You will need to install your existing feeder bottom to the housing. This housing features a larger improved chute opening and chute cover which will allow larger food up to 5/8" diameter distribution by trial and error. Although kibbles cannot be counted to 100% accuracy due to the nature and shape of many kibbles on the market, reasonable performance will remain guaranteed at 1/4" or less diameter round/spherical shape. Be prepared to use recommended kibble size to meet your demand if required. Flat and oddly shaped kibbles will never produce the best portion accuracy.

1 year

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Great replacement with easy installment
Written by Jeff on 29th Mar 2016

I ordered this chute cover and lid to replace the old one I'd been using for about two years. My package arrived sooner than expected, so that was a pleasant surprise. This new replacement works great and was easy to install with a screw driver. Though over time, the chute loses it's resistance and spits out too much food, so you'll need to replace it every 2 years or so.