Super Feeder, CSF-3, KSF-2 Dispenser Unit Only

Super Feed
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Original CSF-3 Super Feeder basic dispenser serviceable for years to come, made in USA and sold by Super-Feed for over 23 years! All parts readily available and easy to replace if ever needed.  Most versatile feeder in its class!  No other feeder offers such a variety of applications, modes of operation and quality of components with ease of  maintenance and repairs.

CSF-3, KSF-2 Super Feeder replacement Dispenser Unit Only.  This Super Feeder dispenser will replace your current unit and basically create a new feeder for you.  It will fit all other accessories you have now perfectly and could also be used as an extra replacement unit if ever needed.  You will be able to use your present clear extensions, 1.5 gallon hopper if you have one, mounting bracket, straps, screws, power supply, etc... It comes as shown complete with motor/gear drive/electronics, screw set for lid/clear extensions and the little plastic screwdriver to adjust the electronic feed controller. Note:  This "basic" dispenser does not come with any mounting bracket/strap/screws, power supply, clear 2-cup extensions or other hardware that you should already have with your original unit.

1 year