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We have introduced three new Wi-Fi controlled Super Feeder combos to operate them remotely using the popular TP-LINK Smart Wi-Fi Plug HS100.  Each feeder can be programmed for up to 15 meals per day and can also be "manually" operated remotely to introduce a few snack portions apart from main scheduled meals by remotely running the feeder a few seconds.  You may look up the Wi-Fi socket here in "Programmable Timers" in "categories" list. Using that Wi-Fi smart plug, you may also control several feeders in different places using multiple plugs. TP-LINK also offers several other accessories that can also be added with the Super Feeder, particularly very good cameras to monitor your pets.  The TP-LINK Smart Plug also works with Amazon's Alexa® voice recognition services.

Be sure to check out other Super Feeder packages, basic and combos, available for special applications.  See "DISCOUNTS" in black footer of each page for details.