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We have introduced three new Wi-Fi controlled Super Feeder combos to operate them remotely using the popular TP-LINK Smart Wi-Fi Plug HS100.  Each feeder can be programmed for up to 15 meals per day and can also be "manually" operated remotely to introduce a few snack portions apart from main scheduled meals by remotely running the feeder a few seconds.  You may look up the Wi-Fi socket here in "Programmable Timers" in "categories" list. Using that Wi-Fi smart plug, you may also control several feeders in different places using multiple plugs. TP-LINK also offers several other accessories that can also be added with the Super Feeder, particularly very good cameras to monitor your pets.  The TP-LINK Smart Plug also works with Amazon's Alexa® voice recognition services.

Something else new:  Many outdoor packages are now available with dedicated outdoor power supplies and cords.  You can also purchase the outdoor power supply kit to convert your existing Super Feeder setup to outdoor.  The outdoor power supply is totally waterproof along with its outdoor cord connectors.

Be sure to check out other Super Feeder packages, basic and combos, available for special applications.  See "DISCOUNTS" in black footer of each page for details.




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