What's new?

We have introduced yet a new combo including a Wi-Fi socket instead of a regular timer to operate the Super Feeder remotely.  The feeder can be programmed for up to 20 meals per day and can also be "manually" operated remotely to introduce a few snack portions apart from main scheduled meals by running the feeder a few seconds.  You can also confirm when the feeder is running and not running from your cell phone.  You may look up the Wi-Fi socket here in "Programmable Timers" in "categories" list.  NOTE!  We have put the sale of that socket on hold pending new app update until further notice.  Some customers have reported using the Belkin Wemo  Wi-Fi switch.  Others may also work as long as the socket turns off completely when in the off mode.  No power must bleed-through when off!


We previously had cat and aquarium Wi-Fi feeder combos available but not at this time until further notice.  See note above.