Wi-Fi Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug

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This outdoor Wi-Fi plug is perfect to operate your outdoor Super Feeder.  Being a very trusted brand and extemely easy to set-up, it works great for up to 15 programmed on-off daily/weakly cycles (feed cycles per day). The smart outdoor plug works with a secured 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network without the need for a separate hub and features a built-in power amplifier for long range Wi-Fi with reach of up to 300 ft. Power your outdoor smart plug on or off, set schedules or scenes from anywhere with your smartphone using the Kasa Smart app. Remotely turn on your Super Feeder or other items while at home or away from home. With two outlets, control 2 devices individually along with the feeder like a camera or other item. Last but not least, use simple voice commands with your smart plug and Alexa, Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana to trigger your feeder like, "Alexa feed my cat," then what your pet run for it! You can give each outlet a unique name and use them separately. Only for 120V. ETL certified to provide peace of mind that quality and safety are standards we strive for.  

The outdoor plug has an IP64 rating that ensures your device will be protected against entry of dust, splashes of water, and fire.


*When not in use, the sockets should remain capped with the included weather-resistant cover.


Contact manufacturer for warranty