Programmable Timers-Wi-Fi Sockets

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Programmable timers--be sure to go through all pages available at bottom of page. Contact us if needed for questions.  Discounts

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Outdoor Wi-Fi plug

Wi-Fi Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug

This outdoor Wi-Fi plug is perfect to operate your outdoor Super Feeder.  Being a very trusted brand and extemely easy to set-up, it works great for up to 15 programmed on-off daily/weakly cycles (feed cycles per day). The smart outdoor plug...
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TP-LINK HS100 Plug

Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Operate your Super Feeder remotely via Wi-Fi!  Complete Wi-Fi Super Feeder combos are also available with discounted bundled accessories. For Wi-Fi control, we have tested and recommend this smart plug for mobile devices running iOS 8 or...
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Analog timer programmable timer (style may vary).

Analog (mechanical) Timer special sale

Grounded 120V 6oHz Analog (mechanical) timer with non-removable on-off pins for up to 48 on-off cycles per 24-hr period.  Great replacement timer.  This brand new timer has been tested, keeps time and works fine but has a slight humming...
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Outdoor type analog (mechanical) programmable timer for super feeder or other applications

ACAT-32 Outdoor Analog Timer

Style/shape of power supply could vary from picture but will come with same features. Simple to use, this timer can be installed outdoors, and when used along with our outdoor 12V power supply, it will give you up to 24 on-off cycles (24 daily pet...
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Outdoor approved digital timer for operation of super feeder with outdoor power supply

ACDT-35 120V Outdoor Digital Timer

This timer is the preferred, tested and dedicated outdoor timer guaranteed to work with the Super Feeder outdoor power supply. Some other brand outdoor digital timers may not work properly with our outdoor power adapter/transformer. This...
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DT-01 front pic

DT-01, 12 Volt DC programmable Timer

This premium quality OEM weekly programmable 12VDC SPST timer is perfect for operating LED or other low voltage items like boat pumps, etc...not exceeding 16 Amps.  Use it like a light switch. About 2 3/8" square by 1 1/4" thick, this...
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12VDC programmable timer with indoor type housing

DT-02 Weekly 12 VDC Timer & Housing

(NOT MADE IN CHINA) You have finally found a high quality and DEPENDABLE 12VDC timer. his unit is complete with enclosure which is about 3" square by 2 1/2" thick. Enclosure mounts to a surface with two screws from the inside back wall and has punch-out...
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DT-04 front view

DT-04 Weekly 12VDC Digital Timer-2 Channels

(NOT MADE IN CHINA) Like TWO timers in one! This timer is basically the same and has the same specs as our other regular DT-01 12VDC digital timer, except that this model has TWO channels. With one common power source, you could have up to 16 on-off...
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