1.5 Gallon Hopper for ASF-1, KSF-2 and CSF-3

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Quickest way to enlarge the capacity of your Super Feeder! 

This very tough black ABS 1.5 gallon hopper will fit your ASF-1, KSF-2 or CSF-3 Super Feeder. This hopper comes with an upper strap and hardware ready to mount on the feeder and to a 4x4 or 2x4, if desired. A bolt and washer through its center point could also be used to fasten it to a pipe or lumber (not supplied). Lots of ways to mount it.  A lid is not included because you already have one with your existing Super Feeder.  Your existing feeder lid will fit this hopper or you may purchase an additional one if you have lost yours. At least one of your two existing clear 2-cup hopper extensions (two come with each basic KSF-2 and CSF-3 feeder package) is recommended below the hopper to let you know when the food is getting low. If using two clear extensions, it will hold up to 28 cups of kibbles. Two hoppers could even be stacked together to hold up to 52 cups of food! NOTE: Metal strap shown is not used when the hopper is installed on our short cat feeder stand, but you should use it if you mount the hopper and feeder to your own taller mount like a wall or something like it.  Hopper size is:  14" tall x 12" wide x 3 1/8" deep looking from the front. Feeder with two clear extensions and two large hoppers installed is 39 inches tall and will hold a total of about 52 cups (each black hopper holds 24 cups).  If you stack to hoppers on top, the total capacity will be about 52 cups with a total feeder height of about 39 inches.


1.5 gallon hopper for outdoor or indoor use: hopper-size.jpg


CSF-3XL showing customer's own wall mount:  csf-3xl-mounted-to-wall.jpg

1 year Warranty

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Rating of super feeder
Written by Sal lomonaco on 24th Jul 2019

It should have been added to the unit when purchased as an option. I had to wait and order after it was set up and used . I found out that to bee away for any length of time I needed the extra space. It mounted easily and hold a lot. It did the job I needed it to do

1.5 Gallon Hopper
Written by Pat on 24th Aug 2018

Prompt service and excellent products. Purchased 2 of this item to go on Super Feeders, one indoors and one in a garage, we purchased about a year ago. Excellent quality! These Super Feeders with hopper attachment enables us to go on vacation and not worry about having someone come in to feed our cats. Great products - made in the USA!!!

Best money spent in my hobby
Written by John D. on 14th May 2016

Super feeder and 1.5 Gallon Hopper is definitely the best combo for fish ponds.

Best thing for vacation!
Written by Emely on 3rd Dec 2015

Bought the basic basic basic super feeder to see how our Little Shit will react to it as he's used to waking us up at quarter to 4 in the morning for food. Best purchase ever. We can wake up peacefully in the morning and he isn't scared of it. It takes awhile to adjust the food dispensing, but we got it down pat. Then realized that our vacation wasn't going to coincide with how much we feed him so we bought an extender. Then we realized we can't go on vacation longer than 8 days. So we bought this. Wow. Its huge, but not clunky looking. The Little Shit immediately tried to topple it off, but it came with a bracket so we bolted it down. We can now go on to extended vacation knowing that our Little Shit is well fed. This company is amazing! Fast shipping too. They have my business and everyone I talk to.

Awesome Hopper
Written by Ryan Robinson on 16th Aug 2015

Hopper is easy to fill with lid that screws on tight. impenetrable to that pesky Cat attack. Kibble flows free without locking up. The volume allows the feeder to go for weeks before needing refill for Two cats.

best feeder you can buy/fill food once a month with this
Written by Lew W. on 25th Jun 2015

Super feeders are the best feeders you can buy. These extensions allow me to travel for weeks with out the fear my cats won't be fed. Worth the money

Should have chosen the combo that included this hopper.
Written by George. W. on 8th Jun 2015

So the pictures of the little clear food containers for this product can be a little misleading when you don't read the capacity clearly like I did (my fault) but they are pretty darn small. Had to order this extra and the shipping charges are painful. $50 altogether just for a plastic container that would interface with the feeder. Well, it does the job but it is pricey to buy separately. Do yourself a favor and just choose the combo pack with the 1.5G hopper, it'll save you a fortune in shipping charges. Gave this 4 stars because of its cost. Sorry to sound negative, I'm pleased with the product but not with the overall cost.

Great Accessory for the CSF-3
Written by John on 22nd Feb 2015

This 1.5 gallon hopper now allows us to feed our cat who is obsessed with eating for a period of time longer than 4 days which is what the 2 clear plastic hoppers provided with the CSF-3 allow.

Awesome product
Written by Robert D on 22nd Jan 2015

After trying a number of different feeders and giving up on them I tried this one. Just worked perfect right from the start. Assembling would be tricky for a less-handy person which for me was no problem at all. The instructions could use a much better user-interface. Bottomline once it was setup IT WORKED PERFECT!!!

More kibble? This is what you need
Written by steve on 7th Jan 2015

The hopper is just what you're looking for. More kibble. Works as you expect. Straightforward to install and secure.