Harware Bag For Super Feeder and Stand

Super Feed
Weight 0.25 LBS
Height 5.00
Width 7.00
Depth 5.00
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This hardware bag includes a portion controller adjustment tool, all screws for a Super Feeder as well as the screws for the dedicated plastic mount and bowl to which the feeder can be mounted to. Hardware includes: 6 ea. 1/8" long small 4-40 screws and metal washers for clear extensions or large black hopper. 6 ea. 3/4" long screws for feeder floor to upper housing fastening. 4 ea. 3/8" long screws for mounting "L" shaped metal bracket to feeder floor. 4 ea. 1/2" long large-head screws for attaching tower to base (dedicated black feeder mount and bowl), 8 ea. 1/4" long screws for mounting feeder's "L" shaped metal bracket to tower.  It also includes one large black volume adjustment screw.

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the folks at Superfeeder are awesome!
Written by terri zittel on 20th Feb 2015

Not only are these the very best feeders out there but lose a part and it is available. The sack even lists all the screws etc. wWhat attention to detail . We are very impressed.