Double CSF-3XL cat feeder combo with two weekly digital timers

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Made in USA 23+ years! Trigger both of them at same time!  Adjust them individually for tiny snacks or larger portions up to 8 times per day. Some Wi-Fi/automation/voice command systems may also be used.

Great double super feeder combo like two combo deal 18's if you want to feed your pets at the same exact time and maybe even different locations because they do not share one bowl very well. This combo deal comes complete with two heavy-duty black ABS stands ready for mounting brackets and digital timers.  The supplied timers feature seconds adjustment for close synchronization if needed and can also provide for "small snack portions between main meals.  Also included, two removable special dishwasher-safe bowls made with a special high-grade kitchenware material known as SAN by Kibisan® especially designed to spread kibbles to the outer edge for better food access to pets and away from the feeder's chute cover. All needed hardware is included with instructions (even a video is available for assembly and operation). As an added bonus, this package deal includes two installed polycarbonate chute protective devices ($17.00 value) to help prevent chute intrusion by "locksmith" cats. 

The feeders and stands require very minor assembly with a supplied screwdriver. Each feeder can hold up to 1.8 Gal. (28 cups) of food (about 6 lbs). When at home, you can use the feeders without the 1.5 gallon hopper only using the two polycarbonate clear extensions (2-cup capacity each) for a total feeder capacity of slightly over a quart of food (4 and 3/4 cups). Like all other Super Feeders, this feeder will feed from very small portions to large portions as many times as the remote timer has on-off cycles (up to 8 per day with the supplied ACDT-20). NOTE ABOUT TIMER:  We also offer the ACDT-19 digital timer which will provide up to 20 meals per day without in-between main meal snacks option available using the included ACDT-20 digital timer with seconds function.  Just ask to switch timer from ACDT-20 to ACDT-19 in comments section of order. You can save money by purchasing this double "XL" feeder combo package deal instead of two separate deal #18's. 

Voltage required: Power supply (supplied) 110-240VAC 50-60Hz 12VDC output, all timers 120V 60Hz- Wi-Fi Socket 110V-240VAC 50-60Hz. USA style plugs only-not battery operated.  CSF-3XL feeder overall size mounted (space needed): 12 x 11 x 25 inches tall

WITH TWO FEEDERS TRIGGERED AT SAME EXACT TIME YOU CAN TRAIN YOUR PETS TO EAT AT THEIR OWN BOWL! You can use the two closely synchronized digital timers to operate both feeders at same time, or you could use a variety of Wi-Fi Smart Sockets (Note: some may not work properly if they do not completely turn off) or our Wi-Fi Smart Socket.  Although the feeder will not feed during a power outage, the digital timer will keep time and programs while power is off, and normal feed cycles will resume when power is restored. No need to ever have to re-program the timer or feeder when power is disrupted. For the feeder to not feed, the power would have to be off at the very moment the feeder is scheduled to feed. The feeder will spend most of its lifetime in the "off" mode anyway to reset itself. Several feed cycles per day with smaller portions are recommended. Most of all, this combo provides for a great back-up set-up too, by using two feeders and two timers. Check out the video at:

Food recommendation: Small 1/4" round (spherical) kibbles like offered by Science Diet or other brands are recommended for very best performance. Please be aware that the feeder does not “count’ kibbles, but tests have shown that an overall accuracy of +/- 0.1 to 0.2 ounce from one portion to another is possible with recommended kibbles. Most other kibbles will work well up to 5/8" diameter, but with so many shapes/sizes of kibbles on the market, it is impossible to predict exact results as far as exact accuracy is concerned. Although performance is guaranteed with recommended food as described, please be advised that due to variance of kibble sizes and shapes, 100% portion accuracy simply cannot be guaranteed for all feed cycles.  That would apply to any feeder feeding oddly shaped kibbles other than a feeder with pre-filled compartments.


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INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS WITH 220-240V:  Please click on "Q&A/Shipping" above and

How to use the feeder with a regular external timer: Basically any plug-in timer like a lamp timer can be used. Just follow directions included in feeder's manual.  See typical installation by past customer:

How to use feeder with a home automation system like voice command or other means:  You can plug the supplied power adapter into a 100-240V module controlled by your system.  You then turn the module on for a couple of minutes with your system, which in turn triggers and powers the feeder.  The feeder runs only for time in seconds you adjusted the feeder to give you the portion you want and then stops.  When you turn the power off for a couple of minutes, the feeder resets itself and is once again ready to be triggered at the next programmed time.  If your system has 12 to 24 volts output ac or dc, you can do away with the feeder's own power adapter and hook directly to the feeder.  You could also control the feeder's run time entirely with your external system by setting the feeder's feed time controller to its maximum setting of 70 seconds.  NOTE:  Although we have discontinued selling our Wi-Fi socket at this time due to an update needed by the manufacturer, we recommend perhaps using a Wi-Fi Wemo switch by Belkin.  Iris brand "smart outlet" in-wall has been reported to work with smart phone.  Z-Wave Smart Outlet the "Quirkey+GE Outlink Smart Outlet systems will work. Some systems by Leviton may not work properly due to the fact that their systems such as Z-Wave module, Z-Wave receptacle and dimming modules may not completely turn off and thus not work with the Super Feeder.  Any socket must not bleed any voltage while in off mode.

Examples of home automation systems used with this feeder:


Remote-Controllable Dual Outlet:

Video examples:

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Third purchase, own 4 now
Written by Kevin Goto on 24th Jun 2016

My 3rd/4th one I've purchased for the cats. Never any problems with them and they do their job. For extended feedings or unusual hours this is the way to go for feeding small kibbles. As stated the 1/4" kibble is excellent for metering but it will work with the combination of three different kibbles I use. Two are disks and one is a cross. My cats never try to break in nor get unruly around it so there is no problem about them breaking it. If they do try to ransack the Superfeeder, then mounting it on a 4x4 just like a scratching post would do the trick. I was thinking of how to feed multiple areas with one feeder (say on a counter), you could probably put holes into the bowl/base and run PVC to a couple of bowls a few feet apart. Buy a extra bowl and you can change it back to a single feeder. It would have to be mounted to something so it doesn't fall off the counter or get pushed off. Clear packing tape around the joints will also prevent cat food hacking.

DIY pros are great, but continued tinkering is necessary
Written by Chris + Miriam A on 20th Mar 2016

These feeders are a Project with a capital P. They were enormously fiddly and satisfying to assemble, and work as advertised. My primary objective - to not be woken up at 4am by hungry cats - is met. However the project continues. Our cat burglar deduced that repeated rocking yields a stray kibble, and that there's a weak point between the clear chute and the big plastic hopper. By sitting on the whole thing, she managed to work the screws loose and bend the metal retaining bar and actually separate the two, creating a huge mess and attracting ants overnight. I've seen the wooden contraptions some folks have built to prevent this, and I think I'll have to do the same, and possibly order some replacement parts. The pro is that Superfeeder makes this easy and supports tinkering. The con is that tinkering is necessary. That said, compared to everything else I investigated, I think this is the best option by far. Other feeders, my cat would've broken and I'd have no recourse and no community to help me find a suitable hack.

Solid, dependable, flexible
Written by Ted on 18th Dec 2015

The feeder we ordered is exactly what we wanted. Assembly was easy, as was adjusting the feeder settings. Our cat adapted to the new device with no issues whatsoever.Now we can be sure that our pet is on a regular, consistent feeding schedule, even when we're not. Couldn't be happier!

Best Pet feeders on the market
Written by Art on 30th Aug 2015

We have two Standard Poodles and one has Addisons Disease so it is important to keep his weight under control and the best way to do that is with automatic pet feeders. Unfortunately, and until I discovered the Super Feeders, we have gone through approximately ten (10) Aspenpet "lebistro" pet feeders. Initially they seem to work fine but they don't hold up well and the plastic "fingers" start breaking off. The Super Feeders are truly GREAT!!!! I highly recommend Super Feeders and I only wish I would have gone to them along time ago.