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SALE ON THIS DOUBLE SUPER FEEDER PACK!  Free shipping plus 5% off on all Super Feeders!  Original CSF-3 Super Feeder serviceable for years to come, made in USA and sold by Super-Feed for over 24 years! All parts readily available and easy to replace if ever needed. Trigger both of them at same time!  Adjust them individually from a tiny to larger portion up to 20 times per day. Some Wi-Fi/automation/voice command systems like Amazon Alexa®, and Google Assistant may also be used (Wi-Fi plugs not supplied in this combo).  See example how Google works for a customer using voice activation.

Save over two individual feeders!  This very popular combo will help you train your pets to eat at their own feeder by triggering both feeders at the same exact time if they do not share one feeder very well. This double Super Feeder deal comes complete with two sturdy black ABS stands, one dual-outlet type digital timer (style may vary) to trigger both feeders at same time up to 20 times per day or certain days indefinitely, two Kibisan® dishwasher-safe black bowls especially designed to spread kibbles to the outer edge and away from the feeder's chute cover for better pet access., and two practically indestructible polycarbonate clear extensions.  Each feeder holds 4 and 3/4 cups of dry food (about 1.5 lb.) and could be expended later with additional 2-cup clear extensions or the optional 1.5 gallon (24-cup) hopper.  All hardware needed and instructions manual are included (even a video is available for minor assembly and operation). As an added bonus, each feeder includes a tough polycarbonate chute cover installed over the chute opening to help prevent intrusion by a "locksmith" cat!  The feeders can be placed about 6' apart from a power outlet.  Two digital timers or Wi-Fi plugs like the HS-100 TP-Link or WP1 socket could be used to place the feeders in separate areas.

This Super Feeder can dispense just a few kibbles up to 20 times per day with included timer for pet weight control or help ones prone to vomiting when eating too much. You can save money by purchasing this double feeder combo package deal instead of two individual ones. Note: The digital timer will keep time and programs while power is off or unplugged from the wall. No need to re-program the timer when disconnected from power or feeder. Not sure how it all operates? See the following video clip!

Voltage required: Power supply (supplied) 110-240VAC 50-60Hz 12VDC output, all timers 120V 60Hz--no batteries used.


NOTE: Small 1/4" round (spherical) kibbles like offered by Science Diet or other brands are recommended for best portion accuracy, but most other kibbles will work fine up to 5/8" diameter with perhaps a slightly reduced portion accuracy.  Please be aware that the feeder will not “count’ kibbles, but tests have shown that an overall portion accuracy of +/- 0.1 to 0.2 ounce from one portion to another is possible. Although performance is guaranteed with recommended food as described, please be advised that due to variance of kibble sizes and shapes, 100% portion accuracy simply cannot be guaranteed for all feed cycles.  That would of course apply to any feeder other than one with pre-filled compartments.


Each CSF-3 Feeder overall size mounted (space needed): 10 x 11 x 15 inches tall


2 CSF-3's with one dual outlet timer supplied in this combo


 Two CSF-3's triggered at same time using two Wi-Fi smart plugs (not supplied in this combo) 



2 CSF-3's triggered at very same time with one dual outlet timer supplied in this combo



See typical installation from past customer:

How to operate the Super Feeder® with a cell phone, iPad, Android device or home automation system with with voice command like Alexa or other type like Google :

First, be sure to adjust your super feeder's desired portion size by plugging the power supply into a power outlet and adjusting the feed duration controller with the little supplied plastic screwdriver as explained in your feeder's manual or video.  Then plug the power supply into the Smart Plug after you have installed it just like you would a lamp.

System we tested and recommend:

The TP-LINK HS100 Smart Wi-Fi Plug is perfect to control your Super Feeder® remotely for up to 15 meals/snacks per day.  It is one of the easiest we tested to install and use.  Just follow directions included with the Smart Wi-Fi Plug.  All you will need to do once installed is program suggested 2 minutes of "on" time for each feed cycle time of day you want.  Make sure you program "on" and "off" time, i.e. 8:00 AM and off at 8:02 AM for each time of day you want to feed your pet.  Also select all or certain days of the week you want to trigger your Super Feeder® to feed your pet.  The feeder runs only for time in seconds you previously adjusted the feeder to give you the portion needed and then stops. You may of course trigger your Super Feeder®  anytime by remotely turning it on for a few seconds and turning it back off yourself from your device.  You may install and operate several Wi-Fi Plugs and feeders simultaneously in different places within range of local Wi-Fi.   Note:  The feeder must have been powered down for at least 2 minutes between feed cycles to assure it triggers again.  If it has not been off long enough like repeatedly turning it on and off, the feeder will not work, which is normal.  You could also control the Super Feeder® by voice command using this TP-LINK Smart Plug compatible with Amazon Alexa®.  The TP-Link Camera could be a great addition.  Many ways to operate your Super Feeder®.  This is what makes it so unique!

A great companion to this Super Feeder combo would be adding the Kasa KC120 Cam 1080p Smart Home Security Camera by TP-Link.  Unlike so many other built-in cheap camera feeders, that separate day/night camera is perfect because you can place it where you want and vary the field of vision and close-up on whatever you want as well as being able to record, speak and listen to your pet.  Makes a great pet monitoring system! 

alexa-google-pic.jpg  (These systems for reference only and not included)

Other systems recommended by past customers:

For Wi-Fi control, the Wemo Wi-Fi switches by Belkin have been used successfully. Various systems that are currently being used are available from   Note:  Some systems offered on the market today suffer from perpetual changes and updates rendering some systems unusable if not compatible with certain Wi-Fi systems.  Some Wi-Fi switches on the market may not work if the socket does not turn off completely (some do and some may not like used for dimming lights), meaning that any residual power coming out of it during its off time will prevent the feeder from resetting itself between programmed feed cycles and will prevent it from triggering.

Iris brand smart outlet:

NOTE:  Iris brand "smart outlet" in-wall has been reported to work with smart phone.  Z-Wave Smart Outlet the "Quirkey+GE Outlink Smart Outlet systems will work. Some systems by Leviton may not work properly due to the fact that their systems such as Z-Wave module, Z-Wave receptacle and dimming modules may not completely turn off and thus not work with the Super Feeder.  Any socket must not bleed any voltage while in off mode. 

Using various timers:

You still retain the option to use just about any type of common lamp timer to operate your Super Feeder®.  Anything that will turn on a lamp or appliance will trigger and operate the Super Feeder®.

See WiFi Plug info

Video examples:


Custom mounted with flat tray and camera near-by  (early model without chute protective device):

1 year

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Every morning silence and peace!
Written by Asiya Morris on 22nd Nov 2017

Every morning as soon as we get up, our cat start yelling like a siren. Now with Super feeders, peace and quiet! Why did I choose Super Feeder because my cat can not get food from it when she wants. I used a different automatic feeders, she could easily open them or take out the food with her paw. My husband and I love Super Feeders, smart design, awesome engineer job and what I love the most, I can adjust feeder as I want! Thank you so much for well made, awesome product!!!

Locksmiths need a new pick set
Written by Jon Erickson on 3rd Jul 2017

I set these feeders up as they came out of the box expecting that I would need to add some creative touches to them to keep our two locksmiths out of them. I was wrong. I set them up a day before we went on a weekend trip and watched the fireworks. The kitties were miffed. Before they had gone through three auto feeders with a rotary wheel that looked like a water wheel. They were able to rebound off of them to dump them, or bend /break off the tangs on the wheel and the buffet was on. No such luck with these. They could not knock them over, could not sneak a kibble. Nothing... When we came back from our trip the feeders had moved around a few inches but they were intact and the kitties were still yowling at me when I came in their room. They do not like me anymore... These feeders were worth every penny. Thank you for going the extra mile to get them to me in time for our trip. P.S. I suspect you may get some hate mail from the kitties before too long.

Awesome Automated Cat Feeder
Written by Harold C. on 28th Jul 2016

Did a great deal of research on the majority of automated cat feeders on the market and after speaking to a company representative via their customer service 800 number, I decided to purchase Deal-24 -- CFS Double Super Feeder Combo with Chute Covers, 1 ACDT-36 Dual Outlet Digital Timer, Stands and Bowls, plus I also order 2- 1.5 Hoppers. This product is awesome and operates as advertised. Very satisfied with the quality and operation of the products. The unit is worth the financial investment. My 2 cats took to it immediately. The cats now have their own personal food butler! When the timer automatically turns on the units, it's like a dinner bell going off for them. It is the only product I know of that lets you control the exact amount of dry cat food to be dispensed. Did I mention that the units are awesome!!!

Worth every penny
Written by Malanie on 4th May 2016

Looked at cheaper alternatives but was worried the cats could get into it or it wouldn't trigger reliably. I've got two cats and one is more aggressive about eating so it was important that I get a set up where both feeders would trigger at EXACTLY the same time. This timer based system works beautifully and after getting the cycle time dialed in it's been in daily use for about a month now. Bowls are easy to remove and wash and I haven't had any issues with the cats getting into the hopper. It's not nearly the cheapest option out there for auto feeders but I guess you do pay for quality. Thanks!

Everyone is happy
Written by Burke on 6th Mar 2016

After several weeks of searching for 2 feeders that would work off of one timer, I finally decided to buy these. The cost was more than I wanted to pay but the product has proven to be worth every penny. It was fairly simple to assemble and program. My cats figured it out quickly. My older cat used a different feeder when she was our only cat. She was able to steal kibble easily. As soon as I put this feeder on the floor, she immediately tried to reach into it. The chute effectively prevents any stealing. The younger cat has figured out how to pop off the lids so I have to duct tape them onto the unit. I no longer get woken up at for early morning feedings. They eat, we sleep in, and everyone is happy. When we go away for 3 day weekends, we don't need a sitter. We put out an extra water bowl and litter box and they are set. The money spent on the feeder is saved in pet sitting cost and is priceless for our sleep schedule.

Good product
Written by Joane on 22nd Oct 2015

We've had them for a few months and they're good products but if you want to be accurate in dispensing food, you'll need to hack it with a scale.

Written by Evelyn P. on 9th Jul 2015

Purchased 2 Superfeeders for my 2 cats. One is a locksmith and I can say that he hasn't succeeded in attaining the food and it's not as if he hasn't tried. He's can't wait for us to get up at 5:30 he wants to eat earlier. We're now able to sleep until the alarm goes off. We can now go camping for the weekends without having someone coming over every day for the cats. So it's freedom for everyone. Very easy to adjust and the quantity is very close 9 times out of 10.

Written by Steve on 26th May 2015

Overall this looks like a quality product that will work for years to come. I am using the Science Diet kibbles as is recommended. It will not give out a consistent amount of kibbles though. I spent A LOT of time adjusting the timer and the opening of the door on the chute. I weigh the food for my cats and it could vary from 12 to 29 grams. I finally found a setting that is was comfortable with and left it at that. I only use the feeders when I leave for the weekend or go on vacation. So, it is not a huge deal for me, they are getting fed. If you are trying to put a cat on a diet and want very precise amounts of kibbles, then I am not so sure this is a good choice. I had feeders that were a tray and the lid moved to feed the cats. This of course you measure ahead of time so it is always right on. My old feeders did not work anymore since my new cat would just flip the lid off and all of the food was gone right away. If you have a cat that figures out how to get into food. The Super-Feeders will work perfect. I will say that there is some chance of them 'hitting/pawing' at the feeder and some kibbles can fall out. The base is wide and stable though. You can minimize this by setting the door chute a little tighter. Of course the feeder can always be mounted to a 2x4 and secured to the wall. Again, these seem to be excellent feeders that should be the last I will every need to purchase. I am very happy that I got them.

Thanks for giving us our sleep back!
Written by Ed on 2nd May 2015

We were constantly being woken by our very bad, very hungry cat at progressively earlier hours overnight. We bought a SuperFeeder combo to feed both cats, and they've taken to it very quickly! It was fairly easy to assemble, and the components look solid. We're looking forward to a lot of restful nights!

Can't say enough good things about these feeders!
Written by SLS on 4th Apr 2015

We have four cats, one with IBD who really needs her meals to be small and spread throughout the day. AND we were getting tired (literally) of the time at which the cats seemed to think they needed to be fed. Much research led me to the Super Feeder, and I'm glad it did! We started out with two on one timer for the cat with IBD and her companion. They are fed four times a day, every six hours. Taking care of those two took care of our early rising as the other two cats are a little less insistent. I've ordered two more feeders for the two cats that live in the front part of the house. They don't have the dietary needs of the IBD cat, and they share their space with the dogs, so their feeders will be used only when we are away for the occasional weekend out and for longer vacations. I love the fact that when vacation time comes I'll be able to have the cat sitter come out once a day or every other day to make sure all is well and clean the kitty boxes instead of the twice a day visits we have had. Even the twice a day visits were hard on the IBD cat because she really does much better with regular feeding times. Setting them up is a little fiddly, but it isn't difficult and once set they perform flawlessly. These feeders are well worth the price!

life saver!!!
Written by Bree on 28th Feb 2015

It truly is the best invention.. Works amazing, both my cats get excited when the food drops..really saves me the morning aggravation of getting up and the evening of rushing home.. Easy to assembly if you watch the video, although the timer is a bit tricky. But I love it!!!

Cat feeders relieved our stress while on weekend vacations
Written by Al T on 17th Feb 2015

We tested these feeders several days before leaving on a weekend getaway. They performed as advertised. We only use them when we leave because we want to keep a "relationship" with the kitties while we are at home. The feeders performed flawlessly. I do wish you had an option of only getting the manual set timers. The programmable one is a pain. We would much rather have the manual ones. That should be an option when ordering. The feeders measure food very accurately after you tweak them with the provided screwdriver. Very satisfied with the service.

Written by undefined on 8th Feb 2015

I purchased two feeders with a single timer and everything is working like a charm. I couldn't be happier. I'm frequently away so it was important my cats had reliable feeders. I had another type but the pellets kept getting stuck and the food wouldn't dispense properly. My cats would then get frustrated and simply tip over the feeder and spill out all the food. Now, just the right amount is dispensed EVERY single time. Didn't understand the timer at first and Gerard helped me. He was great. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a reliable feeder.

Works as promised
Written by Michelle on 31st Dec 2014

Easy set up, easy programming and works as promised.

great quality, made in the USA and perfect for what we needed
Written by Greg on 29th Dec 2014

I tried a couple of other of feeders for our cats but we have a locksmith cat here and the others simply failed. We'd come home to a beach-ball cat and a hungry cat. This was just not healthy for our guys so I continued searching. This one seemed expensive, but they said it was locksmith-proof. Simply put it is locksmith proof and beautifully built with high quality craftsmanship. I also highly value made in the USA and supporting small family run or employee owned businesses. I am so pleased to have been able to have found a feeder that meets all my requirements. This thing will last forever so if you are on the fence because of the cost, don't worry. There products are of the highest quality.