Anti-skid Tape for Super Feeder Stand Base Rubber Feet

Super Feed
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If your pet is really strong and mischievous and keeps scooting the Super Feeder and rocking it back and forth to get food out of it, this should be the solution to that problem.  This 1/2" wide (perfect size) by 8" long piece will be enough tape to apply four times to all 4 rubber feet if needed. You will only need to cut four 1/2" long pieces to cover all feet.  This material can also be used many times by just washing it and will not leave residue on your floor when pulled up.  It does not have common adhesive.  The only thing required for it to work well is to place the super feeder stand on a smooth surface like wood or tile floor.  Not recommended on top of carpet or other similar material. Once applied with the sticky part first to the rubber feet, press hard on the clear non-stick film on the upper side of the tape and peel off. Once done, place your super feeder where you want it and press firmly on all for four corners of the base.  To remove, just pull pull with slight twist.