ACDT-20 Weekly Digital Timer--Minimum On-Off time 1 Second

Super Feeder
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This digital timer featuring best longevity and accuracy is perfect for the Super Feeder. Ratings:  120-125V-60Hz, output Max 15A  1875W  This type of timer is rare with a Minimum switching time of 1 second. It can be programmed in your hands for up to 8 "on-off" settings per day, any particular days or all days of the week. It has a self-recharging battery back-up system to protect programming and maintain exact time during power failures or removed from a power outlet for months. It has a manual override button to trigger your Super Feeder for additional portions or to turn on whatever else you want to power. When used with a Super Feeder, this timer can also be programmed to override the Super Feeder's own internal feed timer by using the "seconds" feature to select different portion sizes at different times of day by increasing or decreasing the feed time from the external digital timer. To use this feature, the feeder's own internal feed timing controller has to be set to a longer feed time than the longest "external" digital timer's programmed feed time in seconds, thereby overriding the feeder's controller. You could have one meal in the morning at 30 seconds duration, one at Noon for 15 seconds, another one at 6 PM for 40 seconds, etc... The simplest way is of course to use the feeder's own feed time controller for main daily portions. When the timer is plugged into a live power outlet, a green light is on. When it turns on, a red light also comes on for the duration of the "on" time.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE DAILY CYCLES USING A DIGITAL TIMER, CONSIDER THE ACDT-19, but, it will not have "seconds" programming available, only minutes and hours, which is not important anyway if doing same portions all the time.

Video and textual information for programming/operation:



90-day warranty (not manufactured by Super Feed). Note: Any other timer can be used to operate the Super Feeder.

Product Reviews

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Digital Timer
Written by Melissa R on 13th Apr 2021

Quick response with every single email, even getting email responses at different times of the day and week! Excellent product! We’ve had the automatic cat feeder for years for 2 cats, one of them being a “locksmith” (see super feeder video). Tabby cats seem to be more mischievous than other cats! It’s really great to be able to replace parts instead of replacing the entire feeder.

easy to use, able to set for a few seconds
Written by Mike Kupfer on 3rd Nov 2019

We bought this timer to replace the timer that came with our cat feeder. We run the feeder for several seconds, multiple times per day, so this timer is a good fit for our needs. Even better, we discovered that it is easier to program than the timer it replaced.

Auto Aquarium Fish Feeder,ASF-1,Deal 7,Digital Timer
Written by Vincent Nguyen on 24th Aug 2018

best of the best. Best of customer service.

Very good timer.
Written by Gina Watzka on 22nd Aug 2018

I have had my Super Feeders for about 6 years now; for my 2 cats. I originally had analogue timers, but lately they have not been consistently working well. I purchased 2 digital timers recently as they are supposed to last longer. So far I have been very happy with them; at first it was slightly confusing to program, but after reading through the instructions thoroughly and then going back through it step by step it was fairly straight forward. The thing to be aware of is that when you start programming the timer it will time out on you if you don't do anything for a period of time.

Written by Jim on 26th Mar 2018

It arrived quickly and did what it said it would.

Pin-point timing
Written by Jake on 15th Oct 2015

The digital timer allows us to have the cats eat when we eat. They have learned quite quickly that feeding time is when the kibbles hit the dish and no other. In fact, they will sit in front of the feeders and wait. They become rather good at telling time.

Good timer
Written by Annette Cass on 18th Apr 2015

A digital timer is necessary if you want to control the amount of food the animal gets using the on/off settings of the timer. I find that a 7-second setting gives me a bit more than 1 Tablespoonful of food. (That will vary depending upon kibble size.) The video that the company provides makes the task of setting it up fairly straight-forward. That said -- I'd think twice about this if I was technically challenged. If you still have a flip phone because you are intimidated by a smart phone -- I'd think twice about this. On the other hand, you don't have to be an engineer to set this up.