ACAT-23/120 V Analog 24-hr Timer with Facial Grounded Outlet

Ningbo Electric
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INDOOR ONLY ANALOG TIMER WITH UP TO 48 ON-OFF SETTINGS PER DAY WITH 15 MIN. "ON" TABS (MIN. "ON" TIME OF 15 MIN.) THIS TIMER IS PRIMARILY SUPPLIED TO OPERATE OUR SUPER FEEDERS BUT CAN BE USED WITH OTHER APPLIANCES. 110-125V 15A WITH 1800W MAX RATING. THIS TIMER HAS A GROUNDED OUTLET.  If you would prefer a weekly DIGITAL timer, the ACDT-20 timer is available with up to 8 cycles per day, or if you would like more than 8 times per day, you may consider the ACDT-19 listed on this store, which will provide up to 20 cycles per day.  Best longevity and accuracy is normally achieved with a digital timer. Timer style may vary.  NOTE: Timers are not manufactured by Super Feed.  You may use any other timer available locally.  This timer is only offered to make up some combos to prevent from having to purchase one locally.

Analog programming info:


90-day warranty (not manufactured by Super Feed). Note: Any other timer can be used to operate the Super Feeder.

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Easy timer to set up and use
Written by Al T on 17th Feb 2015

We purchased this as a second timer. We keep one feeder up stairs and the other down stairs. You need to give an option on the timer coming with the feeder. The programmable one is a pain to set up. The manual one is very good, less options, but you need to give your customers a choice.

24 hr timer I had to order to replace original one that went bad.
Written by A.J on 13th Feb 2015

When we ordered our original super feeder it came with the analog 24hr timer. That timer was still going around the clock but had ceased to turn on/activate the feeder...It wasn't until the cat got angry did we figure out it wasn't feeding her. This is why we had to re-purchase a new timer.