ACAT-32 Outdoor Analog Timer

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Style/shape of power supply could vary from picture but will come with same features. Approved and tested with our super feeder and accessories, this timer is simple to use and can be installed outdoors.  When used along with our outdoor 12V power supply, it will give you up to 24 on-off cycles (24 daily pet feeding cycles) per day all days of the year using the non-detachable on-off tabs. Just push one tab opposite each time you want to feed your pet.  This timer can also be used for other applications like holiday lights, etc...  It has two 120V outlet for a total rating max. 10A/1250W Tungsten (lighting), 15A/1875W Resistive (general purpose). It has a grounded input plug at the end of a short 8" cord. It also features a manual override to turn it on and off when you want to. A standard indoor power supply supplied with a Super Feeder must not be used outdoors if becoming possibly exposed to rain and other elements.

Note: You should purchase an outdoor timer and outdoor power supply if you are planning on installing your Super Feeder outdoors. Some outdoor combos may already include those accessories.

90-day warranty (not manufactured by Super Feed). Note: Any other timer can be used to operate the Super Feeder.