ACAC-ODR 12 Vac Outdoor Power Transformer for Super Feeder

TDC Power
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This rare power adapter is perfect to use with your Super feeder along with just about any outdoor type timer. Its size is about 4" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" It has a 6' cord and plug and can be mounted to a wall or post using its built-in ears. Most of all, it is weatherproof. It comes with two 1/4" crimp connectors to use with any two conductor wire you wish to use to reach your feeder. It has enough power to trigger mutiple feeders at one time. Use it with our approved and tested ACDT-35 outdoor digital timer, the ACAT-32 outdoor timer, or any other outdoor timer you may already have on hand. Please keep in mind that not all outdoor digital timers may be compatible with this transformer, but any analog-mechanical one would work fine). DO NOT use a supplied indoor power adapter outdoors exposed to the elements unless it is enclosed in an approved weatherproof enclosure and protected by a ground fault outlet.  Some combos include the indoor-outdoor wire and this power supply in addition to the standard indoor type power supply included with the feeder.

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