Cat Feeder, CSF-3, Only with Stand and Bowl

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Free shipping plus 5% off on all Super Feeders!  WITH THIS COMBO, YOU WILL NEED SOME TYPE OF TIMER YOU MAY ALREADY HAVE LIKE A COMMON LAMP TIMER TO ACTIVATE THE FEEDER AT PROGRAMMED TIMES.  This popular cheaper package deal comes with a CSF-3 Super Feeder dispenser, a heavy-duty mounting stand, a dedicated locking Kibisan® dishwasher-safe bowl, hardware, two practically indestructible polycarbonate 2-cup clear extensions to make it slightly over a quart capacity (1.5 lb of food), a polycarbonate chute protective device (chute cover) to help keep those little paws out of the chute opening to steal food, a 12 V power supply with 6' cord and detailed instructions.

 You may order additional clear extensions or a 1.5 gallon hopper for additional capacity. IT REQUIRES MINOR ASSEMBLY WITH SUPPLIED SCREWDRIVER.  Voltage required: Power supply (included)110-240VAC 50-60Hz 12VDC output, USA style plugs only-not battery operated.  Perfect combo for countries with 240V needing to use own external timer for correct voltage.  Supplied power supply may still need a plug adapter.  In "super feeder accessories" of this store, a Euro or AU power supply may be available.  In "programmable timers,' we also offer 12V timers to use with a 12V battery of your own." 

Original CSF-3 Super Feeder serviceable for years to come, made in USA and sold by Super-Feed for over 24 years! All parts readily available and easy to replace if ever needed.  For pet who tend to eat too much and vomit or perhaps you want to trim down, Adjust it from very tiny to larger portions as many times as your external timer has on-off cycles.  Some Wi-Fi/automation/voice command systems may also be used.  See how Google example works for a customer using voice activation.


NOTE: Small 1/4" round (spherical) kibbles like offered by Science Diet or other brands are recommended for best portion accuracy, but most other kibbles will work fine up to 5/8" diameter with perhaps a slightly reduced portion accuracy.  Please be aware that the feeder will not “count’ kibbles, but tests have shown that an overall portion accuracy of +/- 0.1 to 0.2 ounce from one portion to another is possible. Although performance is guaranteed with recommended food as described, please be advised that due to variance of kibble sizes and shapes, 100% portion accuracy simply cannot be guaranteed for all feed cycles.  That would of course apply to any feeder other than one with pre-filled compartments.

NOTE: USING A NAME BRAND LIKE "SCIENCE DIET" IS ONLY A BRAND EXAMPLE.  Many brands have similar recommended type kibbles.  This particular Super Feeder combo with stand and bowl is intended for indoor use only except in a situation where you can adequately protect it and its standard power supply from wild animals and weather.  Other more suitable combos are available for outdoor installation.

 OVERALL SIZE: CSF-3 Feeder overall size mounted (space needed): 12 x 11 x 15 inches tall 


Customer examples of various outdoor installations.


How to operate the Super Feeder® with a cell phone, iPad, Android device or home automation system with with voice command like Alexa or other type like Google :

First, be sure to adjust your super feeder's desired portion size by plugging the power supply into a power outlet and adjusting the feed duration controller with the little supplied plastic screwdriver as explained in your feeder's manual or video.  Then plug the power supply into the Smart Plug after you have installed it just like you would a lamp.

System we tested and recommend:

The TP-LINK HS100 Smart Wi-Fi Plug is perfect to control your Super Feeder® remotely for up to 15 meals/snacks per day.  It is one of the easiest we tested to install and use.  Just follow directions included with the Smart Wi-Fi Plug.  All you will need to do once installed is program suggested 2 minutes of "on" time for each feed cycle time of day you want.  Make sure you program "on" and "off" time, i.e. 8:00 AM and off at 8:02 AM for each time of day you want to feed your pet.  Also select all or certain days of the week you want to trigger your Super Feeder® to feed your pet.  The feeder runs only for time in seconds you previously adjusted the feeder to give you the portion needed and then stops. You may of course trigger your Super Feeder®  anytime by remotely turning it on for a few seconds and turning it back off yourself from your device.  You may install and operate several Wi-Fi Plugs and feeders simultaneously in different places within range of local Wi-Fi.   Note:  The feeder must have been powered down for at least 2 minutes between feed cycles to assure it triggers again.  If it has not been off long enough like repeatedly turning it on and off, the feeder will not work, which is normal.  You could also control the Super Feeder® by voice command using this TP-LINK Smart Plug compatible with Amazon Alexa®.  The TP-Link Camera could be a great addition.  Many ways to operate your Super Feeder®.  This is what makes it so unique!

A great companion to this Super Feeder combo would be adding the Kasa KC120 Cam 1080p Smart Home Security Camera by TP-Link.  Unlike so many other built-in cheap camera feeders, that separate day/night camera is perfect because you can place it where you want and vary the field of vision and close-up on whatever you want as well as being able to record, speak and listen to your pet.  Makes a great pet monitoring system! 

alexa-google-pic.jpg  (these systems not included)

Other systems recommended by past customers:

For Wi-Fi control, the Wemo Wi-Fi switches by Belkin have been used successfully. Various systems that are currently being used are available from   Note:  Some systems offered on the market today suffer from perpetual changes and updates rendering some systems unusable if not compatible with certain Wi-Fi systems.  Some Wi-Fi switches on the market may not work if the socket does not turn off completely (some do and some may not like used for dimming lights), meaning that any residual power coming out of it during its off time will prevent the feeder from resetting itself between programmed feed cycles and will prevent it from triggering.

 Using various timers:

 You still retain the option to use just about any type of common lamp timer to operate your Super Feeder®.  Anything that will turn on a lamp or appliance will trigger and operate the Super Feeder®.


 Video examples:


Product Reviews

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Cat Feeder CSF = 3
Written by Marcie Quinn on 12th Aug 2019

Super Feeder continues to do it right! These cat feeders are the best and easy to assemble. They have helped me get my fat cat kind of under control with scheduled feedings. And the shield helps keep my other crafty cat from getting her little paws up there to get more food.

Fantastic product!
Written by Mathew Gregson on 7th Jul 2019

I scoured the internet for the perfect feeder and this one, though costly, fits the bill. Fairly easy to set up and tune; minimalistic design and high build quality. My cat is an insulin dependent diabetic and on a strictly controlled diet (and an over-eater) which means much kibble counting and weighing throughout the day. I needed a device which could automatically and regularly dispense very small amounts of food and I have not found any other product capable of this. After just a few days of use I can say that it's already paid for itself in terms of reducing the psychological burden on the family! --- 5 stars for my Super Feeder! (P.S. When Puddy convinces us that she's truly "starving", it's also fun to say "Hey Google, feed the cat" to give her an extra ration)

It works
Written by Gregory on 10th May 2018

I've had one of these superfeeders for our cats for about 5 years, and it still works great (had to replace the inside flap once). I recently purchased a second feeder because our boy cat is so much bigger than his sister and bullies her away from the feeder. I have both connected to a WeMo internet connected switch. My only critique of the product, really, is that I wish the dispensing time controller was easier to operate and calibrate. With two feeders, I'm having trouble getting them both to dispense for the same amount of time by readjusting that little brass screw. I've recommended the feeder to others, and don't know what better endorsement there is than having purchased a second one.

Best Cat Feeder Available
Written by Vince on 13th Jan 2018

We just got our second CSF-3 because we liked the first one so much and we added a new kitten to the family. Now both kitties can have their own feeder to run to when they hear it dispense their food! We did extensive research a couple of years ago before purchasing our first Super Feeder, and we still feel like its the best.

Cat Feeder & Excellent Service
Written by Susan on 25th Aug 2017

This automatic feeder is very well made by a company with exceptional customer service and pride in products. From the moment I ordered the feeder I knew the customer service was terrific. Shipping and order communication was timely and helpful. The clear and detailed instructions and support included in the well organized package and also via email and website were excellent. My cat enjoys eating 3 smaller meals spread out in the day and I enjoy restful sleep and peace during the day since I am no longer associated with food dispensing. The automatic feeder works very well for travel. We set a monitoring camera on the feeder and can confirm the food is dispensing at its regular intervals and are able to see our cat at feeding times. Thank you Super-Feed Enterprise!

Cat Feeder, CSF-3
Written by Joseph Albanese on 23rd Jun 2017

Excellent product, quality workmanship. This is the second CSF-3 recently purchased for a new addition. Normally the cats are fed manually but when needed for human absence the CSF-3 can be used with confidence. The clear extension can be added optionally for additional capacity, I have added 1 to each unit.

For the moment Great
Written by David Salas on 9th May 2016

My Pug love to eat there just a couple of wuf haha after that was everything ok and eat all the food. thanks

Great Product
Written by Mark Wilbur on 19th Aug 2015

Excellent customer service and even better quality and workmanship Used the feeder with a remote momentary switch attached to a large funnel to activate a feed cycle overtime my cats dropped a practice golf ball in the funnel. Simple clean and easy to build the cats spend all day looking for the practice golf balls and the feeder flawlessly dispenses two or three of their favorite treats every time they do Send me an email if you want a photo of the funnel and how to connect to the feeder

Good cat feeder
Written by Annette Cass on 18th Apr 2015

We were on the verge of getting my cat tested for GI issues because he kept throwing up after his morning feed (even though he only got 1/4 of his food then). The problem was exacerbated when we went on vacation and the cat got only 2 feedings/day. Changing to this product allowed me to dole out food 1 Tablespoonful + at a time -- 7 times/day. It forces the cat to graze - rather than belonging to the clean bowl club I had an easy time with the digital timer - but putting together the feeder was a bit of a challenge for me. The video made it possible. My only suggestion is the video should be re-done with a slightly slower pace and more pauses. This will allow you to pause the video without having to go backwards. Also -- I soon realized I wanted a second bowl in order to avoid the situation of inadvertently being bowl-less when I went to wash out the bowl.

Great Feeder
Written by L. Cox on 5th Feb 2015

This machine is great! I've looked at other cat feeders and this one is by far the best. It's well made and easy to assemble. We use Purina ONE® Smartblend® Sensitive Systems food which is very inconsistent in shape/size. Not a problem. With a little effort on the adjustments (time an window) we were consistently matching the old scoop amount. I like that it doesn't have a internal timer and uses a remote timer to trigger the feeding cycle. Depending on the flexability of the timer used, setting the feeding cycles are limitless. I chose to purchase the feeder without a timer as I was still debating between analog or digital. Both have their plus sides. We are presently using an old analog timer that was laying around the house. With our cat on a 2 meal a day schedule, she's at the feeder waiting for the timer to click in. All internal parts are consumer replaceable if something should ever fail. Just fix it. Don't replace it. Another plus compared to others. This feeder may seem a little pricey compared to others on the market but you won't be disappointed in it's quality. I think it's well worth the investment if you're looking for a great feeder.

Good Product/Good Delivery
Written by Chris on 30th Jan 2015

We are quite satisfied with the product and the ordering/delivery process. Received a telephone call from the President and notificaitons via email on the progress of delivery. Also received links to YouTube videos on assembly. Packaging was something to behold. The fact that the timer is NOT built into the unit is a plus. The first thing to fail on items with timers is usually the timer. Here we can simply replace a $10 timer if necessary. I recommend this product. Much nicer than the revolving unit we previously used.

Best automatic feeder on the market
Written by Hollie R on 24th Jan 2015

We have owned four of the older model CFS-3 feeders for several years, and just recently purchased another in the newer model for our newest cat. At one time we were feeding small amounts 8 times a day, and currently we are feeding four times a day. Our cats usually know when the food is about to come out, or if they're sleeping, they come running when they hear the feeders spitting out the food. We do not use the exact size and shape of food recommended for these feeders, so the feeders occasionally vary in the amount they put out, but that is to be expected. We like them enough to have used them for years and just spent money on a fifth! I can't say that it's easy to adjust these feeders because it can be time-consuming to get just the right amount to come out, but no other feeder on teh market allows you to be so precise in the exact amount. We also had problems with other feeders in that our cats could stick a paw up the chute to pull food down, or knock the feeder to make food drop. We do have one cat who manages to get a few pieces out of this feeder from time to time, but our other cats cannot. The newest bowl design with the slope is AWESOME. We loved it on our new feeder and ended up buying four bowls to retrofit on our older feeders, whose bowls were not ideal. While this feeder is not perfect for the type of food we use (it's prescription, so we can't change), the minor faults of the feeder are far outweighed by its pros. I know it's a lot of money to spend on a feeder, but it's worth it!

So far, a very good feeding solution for my cat
Written by Mark on 15th Dec 2014

I just purchase the CFS-3 Cat Feeder with no timer (using my own analog timer) and have been very happy with the results. I had to leave town and had nobody to come in and look after my cat. I just purchased the unit last week. It came promptly and I found it very easy to assemble with the help of the video. I left the cat for 3 days and it appears to have worked nicely.