Super Feeder Adjustment Information

FEEDER PORTION ADJUSTMENT (QUICK SET-UP) please refer to manual for more details.


  1. Make sure feeder is empty after assembly to see gate to roller/drum opening.
  2. Adjust the opening (aperture) between the drum/roller and the flexible gate to be slightly at or below the largest size of the dry food used.
  3. Drop about a 1/8 cup of kibbles (flakes or pellets if aquarium or koi fish feeder) into the feeder to see how well they are retained. A few will drop through, which is ok, but they should stop dropping through when finished filling. If not, close the gate a tiny bit more like 1/4 turn.
  4. Quickly poor rest of kibbles, pellets or flakes into the feeder to at least the top of first extension.
  5. Unpack the supplied power supply. Plug the power supply plug into the feeder's side jack (outdoor powerpack kit has a short cord and plug at the end). Plug the feeder’s power supply directly into a power outlet (no timer).
  6. The feeder should run. See how much food was dispensed. Use the little plastic screwdriver you were given to adjust the feed time controller.   If too much, turn the controller shaft under the rubber plug to the left about a half turn and then momentarily tap the small yellow reset switch. If not enough, turn the shaft to the right some more and tap the reset switch again. See how much food dispensed. Repeat as needed until desired portion is achieved.
  7. Once your super feeder has been adjusted for desired portion size, plug the power supply into a timer or Wi-Fi plug after it has been programmed separately as per timer instructions. Program the timer or Wi-Fi plug to come on at desired time of day for a couple of minutes or more, just long enough to make sure the feeder completes its own cycle. Always make sure the timer is programmed for at least two minutes of "off" between feed cycles to assure feeder reset. If programming our ACDT-20 or ACDT-19 digital timer, make sure you set it to “Auto and Off mode when done for automatic mode. No lights should remain illuminated in the feeder and should remain off until the timer turns on to trigger and power the feeder. The feeder will only run for the amount of time you originally set it to run irrelevant of how long the external timer stays on.


Happy Super Feeding!


Tip: To trigger multiple Super Feeders at the very same time to help keep one pet from eating other's food or eating a different food, you may use a power strip plugged into one timer with each feeder's power supply plugged into the strip, or you may use a multiple outlet timer or a multi-plug outlet bar plugged into one timer. You may also attach a double conductor wire from feeder #1’s alternate terminals underneath the feeder to feeder #2’s terminals using only one timer and power supply. A cord with jack plug is also available to do that from Super-Feed. Several individual Wi-Fi plugs could also be used in various parts of the house with same programmed times.


Food recommendation: Small 1/4" round (spherical) kibbles like offered by Science Diet or other brands are recommended for best portion accuracy, but most other kibbles will work fine up to 5/8" diameter with perhaps a slightly reduced portion accuracy.  Please be aware that the feeder will not “count’ kibbles, but tests have shown that an overall portion accuracy of +/- 0.1 to 0.2 ounce from one portion to another is possible. Although performance is guaranteed with recommended food as described, please be advised that due to variance of kibble sizes and shapes, 100% portion accuracy simply cannot be guaranteed for all feed cycles.  That would of course apply to any feeder other than one with pre-filled compartments.Smallest uniform food provides very best accuracy in all Super Feeders. For Cat feeding, we recommend 1/4" spherical kibbles, but of course many other sizes and shapes can be used up to 1/2" diameter with possible slightly varied accuracy from one portion to another. Because round/spherical kibbles will always stack together best in the Super Feeder (any feeder), they will therefore dispense more accurately. For the ASF-1 aquarium Super Feeder, you may use anything from flakes to pellets, crumbles, fish sticks or other dry food up to 1/2" diameter. Same for KSF-2 Koi pond Super feeder, but flakes not recommended outdoors.

NEVER adjust portion size solely with the large black aperture adjustment screw.  The black nylon screw is ONLY for adjusting the gate to drum (also referred to as roller) gap to fit a specific pet food size