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Parts for super feeder including power supplies, motor, wire, gate and slide, roller, housing, floor, gear drive, clear extension, hopper, bracket, strap, lid and other parts--For feeders, check out various Super Feeder packages, basic and combos, available for special applications. Be sure to check out all pages listed at bottom of each page.  Contact us for questions.  Discounts

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Tie strap-metal with black powder coat

Tie Strap (black powder coat)

One of these straps (1 ea.)normally comes with the mounting bracket included with each koi-pond, cat/small-animal Super Feeder, and 1.5 gallon hopper. Additional ones can be purchased here to secure additional clear hopper extensions. Strap comes with...
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plug to wire adapter

Coax Plug to Wire Connection Adapter

If needed, this jack plug to wire adapter can be handy to change the end of the short cord for the Super Feeder outdoor power pack to a wire connection.  The adapter is not meant for outdoor use, but if properly protected from weather, it could be...
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