Q&A-Shipping Info

Q: SHIPPING: Domestic/international--how much, where and when?

A: Free shipping offered on select orders for 1-2 days handling and 1-6 days delivery depending on destination.  If wanting to expedite, you can review offered shipping modes with estimate of shipping costs by clicking "ADD TO CART." Final shipping costs will be displayed on the Invoice you see before confirming your order. We normally ship within two business days from order.  If offered, Express orders may not ship same day of order if not ordered by 1:00 PM CT  From shipping date (not counting day shipped), most orders are delivered within "estimated" 1-6 business days with free shipping or 1-4 days via other chosen shipping mode.  IMPORTANTUPS and FedEx do not deliver to P.O. boxes. Please use a physical address.  USPS express, if offered, may not be 1 day to some destinations and could be 2.  Note:  Only Express orders have a guaranteed delivery date, not ground or even USPS priority Mail.  International orders only accepted on this store are listed below.   For other countries not listed, please do not try to order here.  We must be contacted first for quotes and additional information.  If accepted, you would then be billed via PayPal. If your country has 220-240V, all feeders must have an external timer that can operate with 220-240V along with a power supply/transformer providing an output of 12V to 24V DC or AC.  The supplied power supply for only the cat and aquarium feeders will work with 100-240V, but it has USA style prongs (blades) and will need a plug adapter to fit your local power outlet style. You may be able to add a European or Australian style power supply to your order on the store if you think it will fit by looking at it. In any event, you will need to purchase a 220-240V timer of your own to operate the feeder if you have that voltage in your country.  For that reason, you should not purchase a combo with timer included unless you think it will work with 120V 60 Hz.  NOTE:  We are not responsible for possible delivery delays encountered in a foreign country.  International priority Mail is "normally" 6-10 days delivery, and Priority Mail Express is 3-5 days.  Any possible Customs fees are never included and are entirely your responsibility.  Some orders to Canada may not have any reported Duty fees for pet feeders made in USA.  For online orders, USPS priority or express mail as listed above is available and cheaper than FedEx.  1st Class Mail International may also be available for certain parts and total weight, but transit/delivery time could take longer.  To estimate any shipping:  Choose the items you want in the shopping cart then click on "view or edit your cart," then click on "Estimate Shipping & possible Tax," then enter your "country," and Zip/Postcode, then click on "Estimate Shipping & possible Tax."

Current List of destinations approved to order on this store:  

Non-Contiguous states, Netherlands, Virgin Islands, *Canada and UK.   Sorry, we no longer process orders for destinations others than listed here.  You may contact us first for information about other destinations at: info@super-feed.com

*Important info for Canada and UK:  

Most importantly, Canada has become a real issue for all parties involved when it comes to clearing Customs and later than expected deliveries.  If you order, please note that you accept responsibility for all those possible issues. Also, shipping has become quite expensive for which we have no control over. We only pass our actual cost to our international customers.


 Q:  Why is the Super Feeder more expensive than many others in its class?

A:  Internationally acclaimed for over 20 years, we believe you will have purchased the very best and most versatile pet feeder in its class, although still not the most expensive.

  1. Cost of production: All Super Feeders are manufactured in the USA, Dallas, TX area including electronics, although we have had many inquiries from foreign sources. The only reason we sell timers and power supplies from foreign countries is because those items are not manufactured and sold here no matter where we purchase them.

  2. All materials used are made out the highest and cleanest grade possible: Extremely clean Acrylic like used on fish tanks (feeder body), new practically indestructible polycarbonate (chute cover and clear extensions), ABS stand, Nylon, High-grade SAN kitchen dishware plastic for bowl, polypropylene commonly used for ice cube makers is used for internal baffles which resist cold/heat, twist and is extremely clean without absorbing bacteria. Stainless steel and powder coat hardware is used. Nothing has been cut back at the expense of quality and durability. We have feeders we still service from time to time that are over 20 years old!

  3. The Super Feeder can be custom mounted indoors or outdoors. It is also weather resistant. It can be directly exposed to rain.

  4. ALL parts down to the gear box can be readily purchased for customers to repair themselves. Most repairs are done for under $25 which most likely will consist of only changing the drum and/or slide and gate.  WE ONLY CHARGE FOR PARTS AND SHIPPING AS PRE-QUOTED IF WE SERVICE YOUR FEEDER!

  5. We do not re-stock any feeder that may have been used for resale on our stores due to possible unknown contamination and other issues, thus the reason for our very strict return policy. 

  6. The most vulnerable part of many if not all of our competitors’ feeders have a programmable timer built into the feeder. Not good because if the timer fails, which most do, the feeder is now rendered useless and must be disposed of in most cases. With ours, any external timer can be used and easily acquired locally from many department stores.

  7. The Super Feeder can be operated with just about any home automation system on the market including webcam systems.

  8. The Super Feeder can be adjusted to feed infinite size portions, not a ¼ or ½ cup like some others do. It has its own feed adjustment. It can also feed as many times per day as the external timer/device has on-off cycles.

  9. The Super Feeder can even feed the smallest food type such as flake food for fish.

  10. Using the patented chute cover and food delivery system, the Super Feeder is probably one of the best if not the best cat proof feeder on the market to prevent access to food on demand sticking paws into the chute.  The drive gear will also never bind up and/or break.


Unfortunately, some customers may not fully realize what the Super Feeder is all about just looking at it. Yes, they are paying for a high-end machine, although not really that exorbitantly priced considering what it is designed to do compared to some other similar appliances on the market.   Best of all, it is made in the USA and can be serviced!

Q: Can I install the Super-Feeder outdoors?

A:  CSF-3 or KSF-2 feeders:  Only if you install it and protect it properly from wild animals as seen with multiple examples posted on http://www.super-feed.com/small.html  You must do that at your own risk due to possible large wild animals destroying the feeder if not protected properly. If exposed to rain, you must protect the supplied power adapter and timer (if indoor type) unless you purchase a combo with an outdoor type power adapter and timer or use one of your own. 

Q: What type food?                                                                                                               

A: The Super Feeder® performance has been very well proven over many years of dependable service, and its performance has never been in doubt when operated as recommended. If portion accuracy is extremely important to you, we recommend round (spherical) or slightly barrel shaped ¼” diameter kibbles as offered by Science Diet® brand or other common brands. The Super Feeder will not “count” kibbles.  Our tests have shown that an accuracy of +/- .1 to .2 ounce (by weight) per portion from one portion to the next can be achieved for every two cycles with recommended kibbles.  Most cat food kibbles of all shapes up to about 1/2" across will dispense fine if portion accuracy is not of most importance to you.  Flat and oddly shaped kibbles will never perform like recommended kibbles, but you should keep them to no more than 1/2" at their largest size for best performance and clogging prevention. Because of so many different types available, we can only guarantee performance as described with recommended kibble type.

Q: Do Super Feeders come with a food splitting device into two bowls?

A:  No they do not.  You may however purchase a "basic" feeder and custom mount it your own way with your own food splitting device like many customers have done.  You can find examples at: http://www.super-feed.com/small.html  We do not offer that option because of possible complaints about distribution accuracy which we feel is not possible with most feeders if not all of them, particularly with a round pipe type outlet.  The Super Feeder is actually better suited for such an option because it has a rectangular outlet rather than a round one.  The bowl that comes with a stand and bowl package is 9 1/2" x 7" x 1 3/4" deep.  Many customers feed multiple pets with it, but that would depend on how well your pets can share a bowl. 

Fish Feeders:  Any type of flakes or pellets normally used for fish will work great.  However, we do not recommend storing and feeding flakes from an outdoor feeder.


Q:  Can you use a home automation system to operate the feeder?

A: Most certainly!  The Super Feeder is a perfect companion to most if not all home automation systems offered today.  If you can turn on an appliance or about any other item remotely, then you can do that with the Super Feeder.  If you can plug its power adapter into an automation module like with an X-10 system, then you can power and trigger the feeder when you want.  If you have a timer type device that can also provide a voltage of 9 to 24 volts ac or dc output at 200 mA or more power, then you can operate the Super Feeder without its own power supply and maybe even control its feed cycle time/portion size by overriding its own system.  Many ways to operate the Super Feeder without having an operationally restrictive built-in timer offered in most feeder.






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Camera: http://www.smarthome.com/insteon-75790wh-wireless-security-ip-camera-with-pan-tilt-and-night-vision.html

Remote system:http://www.smarthome.com/insteon-2663-222-on-off-outlet-white.html/

Q:  How small a portion can I distribute per cycle?

A:  Although the feeder will not count kibbles, you can adjust the feeder to run a very short time (split-second if you want), but accuracy of the portion will entirely depend on kibble type/size/shape.  With 1/4" diameter spherical kibbles, it is entirely possible to just distribute a dozen kibbles or so at a time.  We DO NOT guarantee exact accuracy each and every time  with any kibble type. 

Q:  What are the sizes of various Super Feeders?

A:  http://www.super-feed.com/size.html

Q:  Does the Super Feeder have what is commonly called "battery back-up?"

A:  http://www.super-feed.com/q&a.htm?#battery

Q:  How about installation, operation info, etc...

A:  http://super-feed.com/quickinstallation.htm

Q:  Why not have a built-in timer like most other feeders?

A:  The most important reason is that you are not restricted to limited operation of the feeder resulting from a built-in timer's limitations, whether it be limited feed cycles, portion size or even outdoor use.  You have the ability to use the feeder with just about any "external" device like even a home automation system.  If you can turn a lamp on remotely, you can "trigger" your Super Feeder the same way.  Most importantly, if you have a timer failure, you do not also end up with a useless feeder requiring purchasing another one.  You just purchase another timer!

Q:  Video to program the ACDT-20 timer: