PCB Electronic Board for All Super Feeders

Super Feed
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This electronic board replaces all electronic boards in all Super Feeders. There will be some minor soldering required to hook up four wires to motor and alternate terminal strip. If your existing board has failed and you know that the motor is OK, replacing the board will save cost of feeder replacement or complete feeder bottom also offered ready-to-install with gear drive, motor and PCB.

1 year

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New PC Board makes a BIG difference
Written by Bill Rowe on 29th Aug 2016

The replacement PC Board is very easy to install. All one has to do is remove two screws holding the Board and then with a soldering iron remove 4 existing wires and solder the 4 new ones in place. Note, the wires are color coded and have a note tag so one does not mix up the wiring. The entire process took me between 5 and 10 minutes. The highlight was that the new timing potentiometer has 20 turns and not a single turn as on the original board.