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FITS ALL SUPER FEEDERS!  Each cat or koi pond feeder package comes with two of these.  This extra or replacement clear extension is manufactured out of a polycarbonate material like used for race car windows and other applications.  It comes with two small screws and metal washers. Note: This extension has a very slight difference in transparency tint than the early model ones.  Early model clear extensions were made out of clear acrylic material like used for aquariums but more brittle than polycarbonate material if stressed and/or exposed for a long time to oily foods.    At check out, be sure to scroll down shipping options.  USPS Priority Mail may be cheapest mode. This extension has been supplied as a standard item with all feeders for a long time and will fit just like any prior extensions on all super feeders.  Approximate size of extension:  3 1/2" x 3 1/4" x 3 7/8" high   Note:  They can be modified/drilled out for larger screws or whatever without worry about cracking. 

IMPORTANT NOTE IN REGARDS TO A PAST CUSTOMER REVIEW:  WE DO NOT, NOR HAVE WE EVER CLAIMED THIS ITEM TO BE DISHWASHER SAFE.  The only part we claim as such is the bowl we supply with the cat feeder stand.  This extension can be cleaned with hot soapy water, rinsed with clean water and hand-dried, but it should never be exposed to hot-coil type heat to dry.

For even more super feeder capacity, you may consider the larger 1.5 gallon hopper listed here which will fit perfectly directly to your dispenser or any clear extension.

1 year

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Replacement Extensions
Written by Marc on 6th Nov 2019

After seven years of abuse from my 16 lb cat trying to "coax" a meal before its time, the extensions were starting to crack. Other than that, this feeder has worked flawlessly, and with the new extensions, should last another seven years. Not the cheapest feeder on the market, but I doubt others would hold-up as well as this one has. Great product, and great customer service.

Clear extensions
Written by Vince Costa on 15th Aug 2019

Got the extension for my super feeder works great gives me plenty more feeds before I have to refill for my fish tank. Thanks.

Auto Aquarium Fish Feeder,ASF-1,Deal 7,Digital Timer
Written by Vincent Nguyen on 24th Aug 2018

Best of the best. Save my time. Thank you.

Clear Extension
Written by Dawn Butler on 5th Apr 2018

After a while of my cat trying full-time to break in to his feeder, he was finally able to move it around enough to break off the corners of the clear container holding his food. Our fault, though - the bottom screw had fallen out and I'd never taken the time to tighten it up with another screw. I ordered the new extensions and they've worked beautifully. Delivery was unbelievably quick and they were very responsive to my questions before ordering.

Cat Feeder
Written by Lynne on 5th May 2017

Extremely fast delivery, and it works great. My cat runs to the machine when he hears it start.

excellent versital feeder
Written by Jane on 24th Mar 2016

This is the best auto feeder out there. It's infinitely adjustable to allow for different types of kibble and dosing. I had to mount ours to the wall and modify the system so the food hopper is protected. The first night we left it out our cat ripped the hopper off the feeder and ate all the food, but it's all good now. We actually have 3 of these in different parts of the house programmed to go off at the same time. All our cats have there personal earting zone and special food if needed. The best thing of all is that we get to sleep in now. No more 4am visits from starving kittens.

Minor upgrade after a decade of constant use.
Written by Jane on 20th May 2015

This unit has been in service as a cat feeder for over a decade now. The old style tube pieces have finally cracked. I have ordered the new style tube pieces which are even better made. I have also taken the opportunity to clean it thoroughly and it appears to me that everything else is still in perfect working condition, including the nylon roller, which surprised me a little. Our cat cannot control his eating and this device changed his behavior in a wonderful way. Eventually he stopped worshipping the device, trusting that the food would be there whenever he was ready. I'm sure some people look at this and see something a little pricey and there's something sort of DIY about it that's off-putting but this is without a doubt the best money I've ever spent on a product in my 48 years on this planet. Over a decade of use = good price. Initial learning curve = nearly zero maintenance. And I've told many people this over the years. If the motor ever wears out, I'll be back. Also, thanks for making upgrades and parts available. So cool.

Not Dishwasher Safe
Written by David Gran on 27th Apr 2015

Be nicer if the plastic didn't warp in the dishwasher.

Feeder Extension
Written by Emily on 26th Jan 2015

I have had the cat feeder, with the timer, chute, bowl and extension for several years now and I LOVE it! We can go on long trips and do not have to worry about Tigger running out of food. This is a wonderful product and we have only had one issue, which was that the feeder extension cracked, so we had to replace it. But honestly, I am surprised it lasted as long as it did with the heavy hopper that sits on top! I was extremely happy with how fast my new extension got to me! Excellent customer service.

Does what it is supposed to do.
Written by Dick on 8th Oct 2014

I got this feeder extension because we are planning to go on a one week vacation, and I didn't want to have to have someone stop in every day or two just to make sure my cat's feeder is working. The extension extended (no pun intended) the refill time to over 4 days, so that he needs to be visited only once while we are gone. This feeder (and it's extension) works great and makes our life much easier. More important, my cat is maintaining his proper weight.