Clear Extension--Polycarbonate Material with Black Power Coated Strap

Super Feed
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This new special 2-cup capacity clear extension is manufactured out of a polycarbonate material like used for bullet-proof windows and race car windows. It is guaranteed not to break when installed on a super feeder for normal feeding of small pets. It is however not guaranteed against damage caused by large animals chewing on it like dogs. Damage means scratches, dents, teeth marks, etc...It is only guaranteed against breakage under normal use associated with feeding small pets like cats. The extension comes with a black powder coated metal strap, three 4-40 small retaining screws, 2 metal washers and two large head screws. Note: This extension has a very slight difference in transparency tint from the acrylic ones. It is now the standard extension for all super feeders. Note:  They can be modified/drilled out for larger screws or whatever without worry about cracking. 

IMPORTANT NOTE IN REGARDS TO A PAST CUSTOMER REVIEW:  WE DO NOT, NOR HAVE WE EVER CLAIMED THIS ITEM TO BE DISHWASHER SAFE.  The only part we claim as such is the bowl we supply with the cat feeder stand.  This extension can be cleaned with hot soapy water, rinsed with clean water and hand-dried, but it should never be exposed to hot-coil type heat to dry.

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