Chute Cover (LARGE) Modified for Late Model Super Feeder Housing

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This customized hand-fitted special CSF-3 or CSF-3XL Super Feeder chute cover is to help keep that super mischievous and wise pet from extracting a few kibbles from the Super Feeder by sticking his paws into the chute opening.  We install an extra piece of plastic guard to the chute cover's outer lip.  It will very likely solve that issue because there will not be enough room under the feeder to stick a paw into the chute opening.  This of course ONLY applies to a Super Feeder mounted on its dedicated stand and bowl as shown in the attached picture.  This modified chute cover may or may not be in stock at time of order.  If not, there will be 2-3 days delay before it can be shipped.  NoteModified chute cover for early model Super Feeder housing is not available.

Note:  The picture example of the modified chute cover installed on the feeder is only an example and will not be white color.  It will be black ABS plastic.  You will need to remove the dispenser's floor to install the cover.  It is a tongue and groove set up and does not snap in.





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Large Chute Cover
Written by Matthew Varley on 27th Sep 2018

My cat was able to stick his very long, very flexible paw into the regular chute and reach the kibble (barely) with his claws. He had enough success to encourage him to keep trying, even though he would only manage to pick out a piece or two every half hour or so. After installing the modified chute cover, he is no longer able to do this. The gap under the modified cover is too small to allow him to manipulate his paw to reach the food.