CHUTE COVER FOR CSF-3/CSF-3XL CAT FEEDER (early model housing)

Super Feed
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Weight 0.25 LBS
Height 2.00
Width 6.00
Depth 4.00
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Optional protective chute cover for CSF-3 CAT SUPER FEEDER if the actual chute opening "height" of your feeder is less than 1" high (actually 3/4"). If you are ordering a feeder at the same time that does not have a chute cover, you will receive the appropriate chute cover for that feeder. If you unfortunately have a "locksmith" type cat, then this is without a doubt the answer! This optional protective cover originally designed for outdoor Super Feeders has been modified slightly to accommodate and protect the indoor Cat feeder perfectly. It will not protect against large animals and wild animals like Raccoons where it could be ripped off! That cover was normally an option on earlier feeders. Although we have tested our CSF-3 and chute cover with typical size and shape cat food like "Special Kitty" or "Science Diet" with outstanding results, WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU TEST and use the SMALLEST suitable cat food when using this cover to assure best performance and dependability. Typical small 1/4" diameter spherical/square/barrel shape kibbles like offered by Science Diet, Blue Buffalo's, Wellness Kibble and others are perfect! Guaranteed to work! Most customers don't need it, but if you have a real mischievous cat, this is the answer to a potential chute intrusion problem commom with many other feeders. THIS CHUTE COVER IS FOR THE CSF-3 OR CSF-3XL ONLY. If it is ordered at same time as a feeder coming without it, the price includes factory installation. if ordered by itself you will need to follow the instructions below to install it later: WHILE HOLDING FEEDER UPSIDE-DOWN, REMOVE BOTTOM OF FEEDER BY UNSCREWING THE 6 SMALL STAINLESS STEEL SCREWS, MOVE SHAKER WIRE OUT OF WAY, MOVE DISTRIBUTION SLIDE OUT OF THE WAY, THEN SLIDE CHUTE COVER STRAIGHT INTO THE CHUTE OPENING. RE-INSTALL IN REVERSE ORDER BY MAKING SURE SHAKER WIRE IS AGAINST BOTTOM OF SLIDE. THE CHUTE COVER DOES NOT SNAP IN OR OUT, SO DO NOT TRY TO PULL IT OUT OR FORCE IT IN WITHOUT REMOVING FEEDER BOTTOM OR YOU WILL BREAK IT!! INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE INCLUDED WITH THE CHUTE COVER ORDER.