Auto Koi Pond Feeder, Deal 15DC,KSF-2,12VDC Timer,Wire

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Original KSF-2 Super Feeder serviceable for years to come, made in USA and sold by Super-Feed for over 23 years! All parts readily available and easy to replace if ever needed. Battery operated, mount it your very own way to feed your koi pond fish. Adjust it from very tiny to larger portions up to 8 times per day all year long.

This great outdoor battery system combo deal includes: 38oz (1 Quart and 3/4 cup) Koi-Pond outdoor Super Feeder®, 12 Volt DC 'weekly" digital timer in outdoor approved metal box (mounts to post, wall) which will provide up to 8 daily feeding cycles plus 50 feet of wire. This DC digital timer set-up is the simplest to install and will hook up directly to any 12 volt battery to power itself and the feeder. 7 day digital timer will keep exact programmed time even when disconnected from its 12 volt battery source because of its internal battery back-up feature. This set-up is available for people who do not have a 120 volt power source available near their Super Feeder. All you will need, is a 12 volt battery. You probably will not need to recharge your battery for a very VERY long time (NO NEED FOR EXPENSIVE SOLAR PANEL), because the current draw is extremely low for the timer and the feeder will only run for a minute or so per feed cycle. With such a small battery draw and some ingenuity, you may even be able to install a small 12 volt battery pack inside the box.



Mounting examples:


Home automation:

For Wi-Fi control, we recommend a system like the Wemo Wi-Fi switch by Belkin.  We also recommend various systems that are currently being used available at   Note:  Many Wi-Fi systems offered on the market today are perpetually vulnerable to perpetual changes and updates that can quickly render some products unusable.  In regards to other Wi-Fi switches on the market, some may not work if the socket does not turn off completely (some do and some may not), meaning that any residual power coming out of it during its off time will prevent the feeder from resetting itself between programmed feed cycles.

You can plug the supplied power adapter into a 100-240V module controlled by your system.  You then turn the module on for a couple of minutes with your system, which in turn triggers and powers the feeder.  The feeder runs only for time in seconds you adjusted the feeder to give you the portion you want and then stops.  When you turn the power off for a couple of minutes, the feeder resets itself and is once again ready to be triggered at the next programmed time.  If your system has 12 to 24 volts output ac or dc, you can do away with the feeder's own power adapter and hook directly to the feeder.  You could also control the feeder's run time entirely with your external system by setting the feeder's feed time controller to its maximum setting of 70 seconds.  NOTE:  Iris brand "smart outlet" in-wall has been reported to work with smart phone.  Z-Wave Smart Outlet the "Quirkey+GE Outlink Smart Outlet systems will work. Some systems by Leviton may not work properly due to the fact that their systems such as Z-Wave module, Z-Wave receptacle and dimming modules may not completely turn off and thus not work with the Super Feeder.  Any socket must not bleed any voltage while in off mode. 


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