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Very early custom Super Feeder prototypes in 1992 (no longer offered) are displayed by inventor/manufacturer G. R. Davet

First and foremost question for you:  Do you value quality, serviceability and customer support most?  Would you purchase a product you can never service?  If the answer is no,  you have found the perfect pet feeder made in USA and sold internationally for over 28 years with all parts readily available 99.9% of the time and easily replaced yourself.  Don't settle for anything but the best!

Our family owned company, Super-Feed Enterprise, was first established in 1992 with our first production of hand-build prototype feeders in 1994 before creating injection molds. Having manufactured and sold up to nearly 1 Million Super Feeders to date, our only specialty is the manufacture and sale of quality automatic pet feeders here in the USA. Many years back, we discovered a need for truly dependable pet feeders, especially for flake food and kibbles, that could not only be used on a temporary basis (vacations), but could also be installed permanently. Once you use one of our Super Feeders®, we are confident that you will ultimately use it on a daily basis as many others do.

We invented, patented and ultimately produced a very unique mechanical and electronic feeding concept which allowed us to maximize our investment and efforts into each feeder's mechanical properties, and not into a built-in timer, which could not only be operationally restrictive with some applications, but could also possibly render the whole unit useless and having to be replaced in the event of only a timer failure. Using our own innovative system, each Super Feeder® offers tremendous flexibility in installation, operation and dependability using just about any external timer or home automation system like Xfinity Home or our Wi-Fi controller.  As we have done from the very beginning, we will continue to produce our own Super Feeders® here in the USA to help create and protect our job market and provide the very best product support our customers deserve.

Except for external power supplies and timers, each Super Feeder and its other accessories are all manufactured and assembled in the USA.   By other very large company standards, we may not manufacture and sell extremely large quantities of Super Feeders®, but each Super Feeder® is carefully hand-fitted and assembled to assure that you acquired the very best feeder possible. We have designed the Super Feeder® with many priorities in mind: dependability, operational flexibility, longevity, serviceability, and of course the best value possible without ever sacrificing quality.  Furthermore and most importantly, all parts in the Super Feeder are stocked and can be easily and economically replaced yourself.  If you choose to send your feeder to us for repair, you will only pay for parts and shipping back--no labor charge.  We intend on continuing to strengthen our already great reputation for delivering a quality product at a reasonable price. Producing a consistently great quality product is our primary goal!

Presently, we manufacture various Super Feeder® models and options to accommodate just about any application you may have. They are perfect for small animals like fish, small indoor and outdoor pets, especially cats. Various Super Feeders® are also very well suited for other small animals like birds, fish, very small dogs, turtles, swans, rabbits, etc...

Your complete satisfaction with our very unique product and personalized service (rare these days!) is what our mission is all about!

Thank you for your interest!

The Super Feed Family.

Super Feeders® parts are recyclable. We at Super Feed® recycle and ask you to Think Green and do the same.