Basic CSF-3XL Super Feeder with mounting hardware and indoor type power adapter

Wall Mount Cat Feeder, CSF-3XL, Basic Pack, 1.5 Gal. Hopper

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Weight 6.00 LBS
Height 11.00
Width 16.00
Depth 13.00
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Made in USA for 23+ years!  Mount it to suit your pets.  Many different ways to operate it indoors or outdoors. Use any simple lamp timer. Some Wi-Fi/automation/voice command systems may also be used.

"Basic" cat/small-animal SuperFeeder. CSF-3XL comes fitted with 1.5 gallon hopper for cats and other small animals (dry or slightly moist food only). "Basic" package comes with a power adapter (plugs into just about any lamp timer) fitted with a 6 Foot cord, one metal mounting bracket with two straps, two clear 2-Cup hopper extensions (shown with only one installed), hardware and instructions. Feeding time cycle is fully adjustable with feeder's own internal electronic timer. To power and trigger it, choose a suitable remote timer to program feed times. If you do not already have a timer of some sorts, click on programmable timers link at bottom of this page or purchase a combo with a timer included. This "basic" package does not come with an external timer.  Any basic lamp timer will do, or you may use a digital timer for best time accuracy.  If a 120V power source is not available, you may even use any of our 6-24V timers listed here to use your own low voltage power source (some wiring required).  Total height with one clear extension and hopper is 22 inches. Ready to mount to a 2x4 and/or a platform. GREAT ON COVERED BACK-PORCH FOR OUTDOOR CAT FEEDING BY MOUNTING TO WOOD POST, OR MAKE YOUR OWN WOOD MOUNT AND PLATFORM. NOTE: A COMPLETE COMBO INCLUDING AN INDOORS MOUNTING PLATFORM, BOWL, AND PLUG-IN TIMER IS AVAILABLE. CLICK ON LEFT HAND COLUMN LINK "FEEDER COMBOS" IMPORTANT NOTE: IF PLANNING ON INSTALLING THIS FEEDER OUTDOORS, MAKE SURE YOU ADEQUATELY PROTECT AT LEAST THE CHUTE AREA WHERE THE FOOD COMES OUT AND ITS SUPPLIED INDOOR POWER SUPPLY (ALL BOXED-IN IS BEST). IF YOU HAVE RACCOONS, YOU MUST DO THAT.  Voltage required: Power supply 110-240VAC 50-60Hz 12VDC output, all timers 120V 60Hz- Wi-Fi Socket 110V-240VAC 50-60Hz. USA style plugs only-not battery operated.  In "super feeder accessories" of this store, a Euro or AU power supply may be available.  In "programmable timers,' we also offer 12V timers to use with a 12V battery of your own."  This package deal will require some simple mounting handyman works.


cabinet-enclosure-2.jpg cabinet-enclosure-3.jpg


img-1223.jpg  img-2092-480h.jpg

 outdoor-housing-construction.jpg outdoor-protective-housing.jpg 


Note:  Small 1/4" round (spherical) kibbles like offered by Science Diet or other brands are recommended for very best performance. Please be aware that the feeder does not “count’ kibbles, but tests have shown that an overall accuracy of +/- .1 to .2 ounce from one portion to another is possible with recommended kibbles. Most other kibbles will work well up to 5/8" diameter, but with so many shapes/sizes of kibbles on the market, it is impossible to predict exact results as far as exact accuracy is concerned. Although performance is guaranteed with recommended food as described, please be advised that due to variance of kibble sizes and shapes, 100% portion accuracy simply cannot be guaranteed for all feed cycles.  That would apply to any feeder feeding oddly shaped kibbles.

NOTE: USING A NAME BRAND LIKE "SCIENCE DIET" IS ONLY A BRAND EXAMPLE.  Many brands have similar recommended type kibbles.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS WITH 220-240V:  Please click on "Q&A/Shipping" above and

How to use the feeder with a regular 120V external timer: Basically any plug-in timer like a lamp timer can be used. Just follow directions included in feeder's manual.  We also offer 6 to 24V AC or dc programmable timers to use with your own low voltage power source.

OVERALL SIZE: CSF-3 Feeder overall size mounted (space needed): 12 x 11 x 22 inches tall

How to use feeder with a home automation system like voice command or other means:   You can plug the supplied power adapter into a 100-240V module controlled by your system.  You then turn the module on for a couple of minutes with your system, which in turn triggers and powers the feeder.  The feeder runs only for time in seconds you adjusted the feeder to give you the portion you want and then stops.  When you turn the power off for a couple of minutes, the feeder resets itself and is once again ready to be triggered at the next programmed time.  If your system has 12 to 24 volts output ac or dc, you can do away with the feeder's own power adapter and hook directly to the feeder.  You could also control the feeder's run time entirely with your external system by setting the feeder's feed time controller to its maximum setting of 70 seconds.  NOTE:  Although we have discontinued selling our Wi-Fi socket at this time due to an update needed by the manufacturer, we recommend perhaps using a Wi-Fi Wemo switch by Belkin.  Iris brand "smart outlet" in-wall has been reported to work with smart phone.  Z-Wave Smart Outlet the "Quirkey+GE Outlink Smart Outlet systems will work. Some systems by Leviton may not work properly due to the fact that their systems such as Z-Wave module, Z-Wave receptacle and dimming modules may not completely turn off and thus not work with the Super Feeder.  Any socket must not bleed any voltage while in off mode.

Examples of home automation systems used with this feeder:


Remote-Controllable Dual Outlet:

Video examples:

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CSF-3xl review
Written by Holly Layport on 11th May 2017

Very happy with this feeder. It was easy to set up. Love that I was able to mount this one on a 4x4 post, raise it from the ground and add a section of eavestrough to keep the raccoons out of it. Using a large cat food and no difficulty dispensing it. It is much better than other brands I have purchased in the past.

This is the quality one to buy.
Written by Georgia Jernigan on 23rd Apr 2017

I just now put it together. That was a bit of a challenge to an older person with poor eyesight and reduced dexterity- but you can tell it is quality made. In the past I wasted money on one of the junky things from Petco that hasn't been worth the investment. Thank you for making this product- would recommend to others.

Fourth one I've bought !
Written by Bill on 20th Apr 2016

I have bought four of these over the years. Not because they wear out. The first one I bought years ago for my koi pond, it's still in service. Three more as we've added cats to the household. Reliable product and fast service.

Works great for dogs, too, as long as you can find a small bites food!
Written by Brandon on 22nd Jan 2015

We occasionally need to leave our dog in an indoor/outdoor kennel for a few days at a time while we are out of town. For years I have used food bowls with rotating tops to make sure that he still gets fed while we're gone, but the system was pretty bad. Between the two bowls we could leave him for a couple of days, but one bowl fed him every 12 hours and the other fed him every 24 hours, and since we needed two compartments' worth of food to match one serving, it was pretty goofy. Recently, his one brain cell realized that he could pry the lids off the bowls, and that was the end of that. We searched online for a long time to try and find some automated feeder systems that would work for 3 or more days, could be mounted outside of his kennel area to protect the food from his reach, and would dispense accurately. All the reviews for this product fit the bill, so long as we could find a small bites version of his food. Eventually, we did - a Nutro small bites Lamb and Rice that has almost the exact same diameter as the cat food mentioned in the specs for this unit. The instructions were easy to understand, and with the flap set to its maximum opening, and the duration to maximum, he gets one serving each time the feeder runs. (approximately 1.25 - 1.5 cups) We couldn't be happier!