CSF-3 Super Feeder pre-assembled and ready to use.  It is mounted to the stand/base with a powder coat metal bracket and strap. Bowl can be removed and  locks underneath feeder to prevent being dislodged by pets. Removable bowl Supplied switching power supply Powder coat bracket and strap used to mount feeder to stand Clear extension (two supplied)--additional ones could be added for extra capacity. ACAT-23 Analog (mechanical) Easy to Program Timer

Pet Super Feeder,CSF-3-RTU, Ready to Use,Stand,Bowl,Analog Timer

Super Feed
$202.85 $159.95 (You save $42.90)
Weight 6.00 LBS
Height 13.00
Width 16.00
Depth 13.00
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Made in USA for 23+ years!  Ready to use without any assembly at all.  Add kibbles, adjust portion timing and set external timer for as many times you want to feed up to 48 times per day.    See how Google works for a customer using voice activation.  

NEW OFFERING!  Includes one FREE additional clear extension for total of three to increase capacity to 6 3/4 cups (about 2.0 lb of food).  By customer requests, we are now offering this Super Feeder in a completely factory assembled and ready to use version for your convenience!  Fill it with food, adjust the portion size and program the easy to use included ACAT-23 analog external timer to turn it on at programmed times. That's all!  You may request a timer substitution by requesting a different timer to your order in checkout comments section.  If requesting the digital ACDT-20 or ACDT-19 timer,  we will adjust your invoice for an additional $10.  If requesting the Wi-Fi Smart Plug HS100 , we will charge an additional $15 before charging your pre-authorized card transaction.   You may of course also use any other timer of your own.  You can even add the 1.5 gallon hopper to your order to create the CSF-3XL model for up to 28 cups of kibbles (5 lb) in which case we would deduct $5.00 from its price before charging your order.  This Super Feeder® combo features a special dishwasher-safe bowl made with a special high-grade kitchenware material known as Kibisan® SAN and especially designed to spread kibbles for better food access to pets.  Two high-quality and practically indestructible polycarbonate 2-cup clear extensions come standard. A black powder coat metal mounting bracket and strap attach the feeder to a compact heavy-duty black ABS base and tower.  If you have a food-obsessed "locksmith" pet, a polycarbonate chute cover (protective device) is also installed to help prevent intrusion.  Its compact assembled size is 10" x 11" x 15" tall (CSF-3XL 12" x 11 x 21 1/2" tall).  It is normally placed on solid floor backed up to a wall, cabinet or across a corner wall. Most importantly, compared to others, it could also be mounted to a wall or your very own mount using a piece of lumber instead of the supplied short stand against that highly mischievous pet! The stand setup is intended for INDOOR use only (outdoor packages without stand/bowl are available). Voltage required: Power supply 110-240VAC 50-60Hz 12VDC output, all timers 120V 60Hz, Wi-Fi plug 120V-60Hz. USA style plugs only-not battery operated.

NOTE: Small 1/4" round (spherical) kibbles like offered by Science Diet or other brands are recommended for best portion accuracy, but most other kibbles will work fine up to 5/8" diameter with perhaps a slightly reduced portion accuracy.  Please be aware that the feeder will not “count’ kibbles, but tests have shown that an overall portion accuracy of +/- 0.1 to 0.2 ounce from one portion to another is possible with recommended kibbles.  but with so many shapes/sizes of kibbles on the market, it is impossible to predict exact results as far as exact accuracy is concerned. Although performance is guaranteed with recommended food as described, please be advised that due to variance of kibble sizes and shapes, 100% portion accuracy simply cannot be guaranteed for all feed cycles.  That would apply to any feeder other than one with pre-filled compartments.

NOTE: USING A NAME BRAND LIKE "SCIENCE DIET" IS ONLY A BRAND EXAMPLE.  Many brands have similar recommended type kibbles.


MORE EXAMPLES FROM CUSTOMERS: http://www.super-feed.com/small.html

WANT MORE FOR NO SURPRISES? CHECK OUT OUR 6 MIN. VIDEO: http://www.super-feeder.com/video.html

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS WITH 220-240V:  Please click on "Q&A/Shipping" above and http://www.super-feed.com/international_order_policy.htm

How to operate the Super Feeder® with a cell phone, iPad, Android device or home automation system with with voice command like Alexa or other type like Google:

First, be sure to adjust your super feeder's desired portion size by plugging the power supply into a power outlet and adjusting the feed duration controller with the little supplied plastic screwdriver as explained in your feeder's manual or video.  Then plug the power supply into the Smart Plug after you have installed it just like you would a lamp.

System we tested and recommend:

The TP-LINK HS100 Smart Wi-Fi Plug is perfect to control your Super Feeder® remotely for up to 15 meals/snacks per day.  It is one of the easiest we tested to install and use.  Just follow directions included with the Smart Wi-Fi Plug.  All you will need to do once installed is program suggested 2 minutes of "on" time for each feed cycle time of day you want.  Make sure you program "on" and "off" time, i.e. 8:00 AM and off at 8:02 AM for each time of day you want to feed your pet.  Also select all or certain days of the week you want to trigger your Super Feeder® to feed your pet.  The feeder runs only for time in seconds you previously adjusted the feeder to give you the portion needed and then stops. You may of course trigger your Super Feeder®  anytime by remotely turning it on for a few seconds and turning it back off yourself from your device.  You may install and operate several Wi-Fi Plugs and feeders simultaneously in different places within range of local Wi-Fi.   Note:  The feeder must have been powered down for at least 2 minutes between feed cycles to assure it triggers again.  If it has not been off long enough like repeatedly turning it on and off, the feeder will not work, which is normal.  You could also control the Super Feeder® by voice command using this TP-LINK Smart Plug compatible with Amazon Alexa®.  The TP-Link Camera could be a great addition.  Many ways to operate your Super Feeder®.  This is what makes it so unique!

alexa-google-pic.jpg  (These systems for reference only and not included)

Other systems recommended by past customers:

For Wi-Fi control, the Wemo Wi-Fi switches by Belkin have been used successfully. Various systems that are currently being used are available from smarthome.com   Note:  Some systems offered on the market today suffer from perpetual changes and updates rendering some systems unusable if not compatible with certain Wi-Fi systems.  Some Wi-Fi switches on the market may not work if the socket does not turn off completely (some do and some may not like used for dimming lights), meaning that any residual power coming out of it during its off time will prevent the feeder from resetting itself between programmed feed cycles and will prevent it from triggering.

 Using various timers:

You still retain the option to use just about any type of common lamp timer to operate your Super Feeder®.  Anything that will turn on a lamp or appliance will trigger and operate the Super Feeder®.


Video examples:



1 year warranty except power adapter and timer not manufactured by Super Feed with 90 day warranty. NOTE: If this pre-assembled item is returned, there will be a $20.00 non-refundable fee from refund. Other return policy guidelines will also apply.

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Written by Jim Dunigan on 24th Aug 2017

I bought the CSF 3 pet feeder assembled. I did so only after an extensive review of other feeders. I spent days reviewing the competitors. Most of them have built in timers that eventually fail to function and the Super Feeder uses an ordinary external timer that can be replaced if need be. I use to get up at 2:30 AM to feed my 2 cats. Now the feeder does it for me and I can enjoy some quality sleep. That alone is worth the price of this unit.